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I found love on this dating website.

I kindly ask for the removal of my profile. The reason is that I have already found what I was looking for, which is love that I really needed .... Thank you very much for allowing me to have nice moments spent on this dating portal. tomiani Best regards

Parting with you is sad, but..............it's thanks to you that I found my other half

Saying goodbye to you is sad, but thanks to you I found my other half, and when we are together I don't look for anyone else. Warm greetings judyta2002

Finally, I met the girl of my life

Hi, I would like to delete my account, I don't know how to do it. Thanks to your portal I found the girl of my life, I am grateful to you for that. You won't believe it, but she's pregnant with me... I never believed in relationships made through the internet, but now I have changed my mind. I will recommend you to all of my single friends. I wish you all the best, please, I would like you to notify her that I have deleted my account. Her nickname is dolores1. Thank you very much!!! macieqm

Thanks to you I met a boyfriend!

Hello, I have purchased a lifetime premium account or something like that. Thanks to you, I met a wonderful guy and I would like to suspend my account if it is possible. Can I resign from the account and create it again after a year or a few years and everything will work the same or will my premium be lost? Please answer. Thank you in advance.

Thanks to the creators of "my website" I gained a lot, and I gained a lot: joy, smile, good mood, inner peace.

Thank you all very much for your wishes. Allow me to write something to you. Actually, I wasn't looking for love on "my site", as I call it. I was more interested in finding out to what extent, and how many people could like a fifty-year-old woman, I needed validation, even though I often look in the mirror and know that things are not so bad yet. I think it was lack of work that caused my melancholy, sadness, lack of conversation with other people. But I will never forget about you, I will never forget what I gained thanks to the creators of "my site", and I gained a lot: joy, smiles, peace of mind, inner peace. Thanks to you, I want to live more, help others, and try even harder to understand the behavior of other people, regardless of age. Thanks to you, I learned that everywhere, regardless of country, continent, there are and will be good people and bad people. Yes, I know, I discovered it late, but I so much believed that "there are more people of good will". I always thought that the bad ones had reasons to be that way. Nothing could be more wrong! These people want to be just like that, that is the meaning of their life. Thank you once again, because even though I am very sorry, I will be signing off soon. I learned so much that I need time to analyze it all and nobody is to blame for it, believe me. I thank you very much for helping me find a friend through you, with whom I spent a few hours on New Year's Eve (I know our meetings will continue). Thank you also for my principle - "be honest, because it's worth it" will survive, even though I had moments of doubt. Thank you dear ones, please always be there, because you are needed, both the good and the bad. bye. P.S. I would love to send you a beautiful bouquet of roses that I received from my friend, because it belongs to you more than to me. I will send it from my phone to my email address, and try to send it to you. If I can't, please forgive this old but young at heart lady - aisza.